Here at Uptown Hippie we like to do things a little bit differently. This isn’t an ordinary brand – this is a movement. This is a movement to bring love, unity and truth to souls all around the world. Together we will bring an extraordinary change. We will be dropping products throughout the year so stay tuned.


Uptown Hippie was born from the idea that this world needs more companies that care about helping our fellow human beings, all animal life, and this beautiful planet we live on. We want to take steps to create a more positive, loving and peaceful future for all generations to come.


We feel that when you wear an Uptown Hippie product your vibration will rise and you will feel loved, more positive, and happy. The idea is that as you go throughout your day radiating these loving vibrations and they will spread to all the individuals you come into contact with. We call this the ripple effect. What starts out with a simple ripple from you can grow and create waves of change all over the world.


Join the tribe and let’s spread these vibes baby!