From our expereince and research we believe that a plant-base diet that is high in fruit, paired with distilled water and herbs is essential to achieving and maintianing high levels of vibrtant health.

We believe in its most simple form that there are 7 levels of eating and detoxification that can be used to help an individual achieve health, happiness and a deeper connection to All. Here are the 7 levels... 

1. plant-based (cooked)

2. plant-based (raw + cooked)

3. plant-based (all raw & living foods)

4. high fruit/plant-based

5. mono fruit meals/juicing

6. juice fasting + herbs

7. water & dry fasting

We belive you will maintian and achieve high levels of health if you remain within any of these 7 levels.  Levels 1-4 are beneifical for living a disease free and healthly life.  If you are looking to increase your bodies level of detoxification and regeneration you will want to spend time in levels 5-7.

Stay tuned for more indepth health and healing information!